Here’s what to expect when leaving a small town for a big city.

So what am I doing here?

On this blog.

In this city.

I’m still figuring it out.

I had a comfortable, albeit staid, life in Ottawa which I could have continued if I had wanted.

But I didn’t want that. To stay where my feet were comfortable but where my soul was uneasy.

So I moved. I left a city of friends and family and a steady and generous income and moved to Toronto.

I’ve studied abroad before in London, Oxford and Sydney. So to some extent I knew what I was doing.

But still I had no job, no future, no certainty in Toronto.

“I wish I could do that !!”


“Woa that’s brave, are you sure?”

These were the reactions I got from those in the office and at gatherings.

And you know what?

So far it’s paid off.

I have a more senior job in my field (Communications and PR) and I feel alive again.

Which is always a good thing.

So hey you Ottawans thinking of taking the leap live vicariously through me or use me for inspiration!

So what advice and learning a can I give ?

Here are three top tips I learned in my transition from a town to a city:

  1. There is a hidden job market you don’t know about – The number once reason I was told not to do what I was doing was because I hadn’t lined up a job. Often you won’t find one in a city when you are looking from a distant location. That is because employers look locally to hire. Once you are in the city there are a lot of opportunities that will fall in your lap. But you have to hunt whether it is through a headhunter or networking. There is a lot going on in large cities and you have to be here to take advantage of it.
  2. You’ll be by yourself – a lot – Be prepared to become very independent. You’ll have to figure out logistics such as transportation and moving details by yourself. You’ll have to be patient when trying to make friends. Big city folk have their own big city lives and they ain’t making time for you. I’ve gone to plays, pubs, bars and parties by myself and it’s only made me stronger and dare I say ‘cooler’.
  3. Save, save, save – You will need to see coming to a big city as an investment. It’s not only houses and cars that require investment. So does your life. And that’s what you’re doing – making an investment in yourself and where you want your life to go. You’re taking the bull by the horns and that’ll be expensive. I’m glad I took a year to save up before coming here and you will be too. Expenses add up in sprawling metropolises!

Think big and be brave! Life is scary only when you’re living it right!

So I’m still figuring this blog out! Bear with me as I add the social media sharing widgets, but in the meantime comment and share if you like what I wrote !

Thanks whoever is out there!

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