Change Because You Have To


Sitting on trains always makes me philosophical.

So bear with me.

Often people wonder where their journey in life is taking them.

I think there is a more important question to ask yourself.

“Are you on a journey in the first place?”

And by journey I don’t mean an actual train or plane ride somewhere.

I mean on a journey of growth or change. One in which you start out being one way and end up being another.

It’s important. 

Not because Oprah tells us it is. 

But because these days nothing is constant. Jobs dissappear as economies shrink and Governments change in a moment.

It’s not safe to be stagnant.

Relying on that ‘steady’ job or that ‘perfect’ guy is not the smart route anymore. 

You could lose that job any time and that guy may fall in love with someone else.

Then where would you be without these safety nets to which you had tied your identity and security?

Always build skills, grow networks and diversify knowledge. 

Always be wary. 

Don’t give life the chance to kick you down, try and swim ahead of inevitable tidal waves of change.

Dreamt of being a singer? Take vocal lessons. Want to learn a new language. Get a Rosetta Stone. Want to build a business? Start freelancing.

Push yourself beyond your next Netflix line up.

Be on a journey because it is an evolution and because life evolves.

In Toronto I see it constantly. People out to hustle, out to make something of themselves, out to grow and get somewhere other than here.

Do it.

Change makes you feel alive.

Believe me I know.

Happy Easter dear readers!

3 thoughts on “Change Because You Have To

  1. My favorite blog post yet! Far too many people just coast in life out of fear and laziness. Glad you took your own advice and went for glory.


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